Загрузка прошивок для велокомпьютеров

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Прошивка для iGS618 версия 1.07

  • 1. Modify the abnormal display of maximum slope;
  • 2. Modified the problem that sometimes the track is still recorded under the GPS off state;
  • 3. Add flower drum type power meter speed analysis code, which is not open for now;
  • 4. Use the new height and slope algorithm to open the GPS height calibration function;

Прошивка для iGS618 версия 1.05

  •  Street map added in navigation function. Download the area map from the official website to the device iGPSPORT/Navigation folder, and the map can be displayed under the standard scale.
  •  Cycling summary page is revised. Added the power data such as NP, TSS, IF, power balance, and the data graph and time-in-zone statistics.
  •  Added the display of real-time heart rate time-in-zone statistics, which can be turned on in MODE menu.
  •  Portuguese, Russian and Arabic are added in language setting.
  •  fixed some bugs